BFG: Arrest of 4 Basque Citizens EN-ES

BFG-Eterat-ArrestsPress note of the Basque Friendship group on the detention of four Basque citizens today

The Basque Friendship Group in the European Parliament was planning to release today an evaluation press note on the conference we celebrated yesterday in the EP on the 5th anniversary of the Brussels Declaration. Continue reading


Basque Process: Conference on the 5th Anniversary of the Brussels declaration and presentation of an international initiative

kartela-DEFThe Friendship has organised a conference with Brian Currin and Frieda Brepoels, and will host the presentation of an initiative about Arnaldo Otegi and Basque prisoners for next Tuesday 24th March. Continue reading

The Basque Friendship Group has been refounded to take new steps for the resolution of the conflict in the Basque Country

IMG_1209The Basque Friendship Group has been refounded in the European Parliament to keep working for the active implication of the European Institutions in the consolidation of the process and the resolution of the consequences of the conflict.

En castellano más abajo

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ETA starts putting weapons beyond operational use

BFG PC 2014-03-06

Tatjana ŽDANOKA and Mark DEMESMAEKER 06-03-2014

Members of the Basque Friendship Tatjana ŽDANOKA and Mark DEMESMAEKER have held a press conference today about the last developments in the Basque Country.

You will find below the relevant ideas used by the members, video footage of the conference will be available on the coming days.

The Basque Friendship Group believes that this is a crucial step and the negative response of the Spanish Government is incomprehensible

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