About the Friendship

The Basque Friendship Group, BSG, was created in January 2006 to help promote a peace process in the Basque Country.

The founding members of the BSG endorsed the founding Manifesto, that stated the BSG’s function as follows:

Said support group shall act within the framework of the European Parliament, and its objective shall be to perform a monitoring function, and if the case arises, to help towards the process of resolution.

The Friendship group has existed since and has keep monitoring and promoting the peace process.

After the European Election on 2009 the BSG was reconstituted by the re-elected original members and nowadays it has 15 members of 5 different political groups.

On the current situation the BSG keeps working for a solution that is drawn up by everyone and based on dialogue and agreement. As well as for the respect of all human, civil and political rights.