The Basque Friendship supports and endorses the demonstration organised by “Les Artisans de la Paix” on 9th December in Paris


“At the risk of peace”
We are committed to peace. For decades the Basque Country, in Spain as in France, experienced violence. Since 2011, another path has been chosen: to enter into a
peace process and to limit the future to the democratic debate. ETA’s definitive
disarmament, which took place on April 8, 2017, at the initiative of civil society and
a large part of the elected representatives, allows but also commands us to go
further. While civil society has taken up its responsibilities, the Spanish and French
governments do not give the expected signs that would allow them to fully
participate in the peace process.
We do not draw a line on the past. We know the sufferings endured on all sides and
which continue today; We understand the need to recognise all the victims and
provide the truth that everyone is due.
But we also know that Basque society won’t be able to rebuild itself and endorse, in
a lasting way, the mechanisms of any democratic society by applying to the
situation today the same blueprints of yesterday.
The fate of prisoners and exiled people must no longer depend on a securitarian
vision that has no sense any more and has generated unbearable situations.
Bringing prisoners closer to their families, taking into account their health
condition, ceasing to apply to them extraordinary detention conditions,
encouraging requests for parole, these are not concessions, we demand gestures
of justice.
Thinking up ways and means to establish the truth, to resolve the procedures still in
progress and the fate of prisoners, and to recognize victims, is not to absolve, but
to enable a society to rebuild itself and to re-weave the bonds of a life in common
and without violence.
By reaffirming our commitment to the peace process in the Basque Country, we lay
the foundations of a society that prefers debate to confrontation and future to
revenge. And we ask the Spanish and French governments to hear us: take the risk
of peace, take the risk of life.
That is why we support the initiative of the artisans of peace, for the 9th December
2017 in Paris.

MEPs that support “Au risque de la paix” manifesto