ETA starts putting weapons beyond operational use

BFG PC 2014-03-06

Tatjana ŽDANOKA and Mark DEMESMAEKER 06-03-2014

Members of the Basque Friendship Tatjana ŽDANOKA and Mark DEMESMAEKER have held a press conference today about the last developments in the Basque Country.

You will find below the relevant ideas used by the members, video footage of the conference will be available on the coming days.

The Basque Friendship Group believes that this is a crucial step and the negative response of the Spanish Government is incomprehensible

Relevant ideas:

  • Strongly welcome the new courageous step.
  • Take into account that this step shows the absolute commitment to bring to an end the armed confrontation in Basque Country.
  • Basque Society is working to achieve a just and lasting peace and all relevant stakeholders should get involved.
  • The last armed confrontation in the EU is coming to an end and it needs the involvement of European Institutions. We recall the October 2006 resolution adopted by the European Parliament in favour of the Process.
  • The reactions in Spain and France have been hard to understand;
    • In Spain Members of the Independent Verification Commission were summoned to the country’s terrorist court to be interrogated.
    • In France Members of the International Contact Group were summoned to the police station of Bayone to be interrogated.
  • We urge the Spanish Government to change their absurd policy of opposition to this process.
  • As Aario Suonio and Jonathan Powel say; Decommissioning without the support of Spain or France isn’t desirable
  • It is clear that a peace process can not be build by just one side, it needs all side’s involvement.
  • March 1st, the Social Forum for Peace took place in Bayonne, organized by Bake Bidea, Lokarri and the Faculty of Bayonne. They pointed out the need for the active participation and commitment of the citizenry, and that civil society must be the main guarantee for the process to reach its conclusion.
  • On that sense the inhuman policy applied to Basque prisoners should end, especially:
    • Ill prisoners should be released for humanitarian reasons.
    • All prisoners should be transferred to the Basque Country.
    • All all the imprisoned for their mere opinion or political activity should be released, including the secretary general of Sortu, Arnaldo Otegi, key on bringing the process to this scenario.