Press Release, Basque Friendship Group on the EP

Spanish and French Translation

The Basque Friendship on its ordinary meeting of the 18th October has evaluated the declaration made public on the International Conference to promote the resolution of the conflict in the Basque Country held on the 17th October in Donostia-San Sebastian.

The Friendship Group will call a Press Conference during the coming plenary session to give a more complete opinion about this event and its great importance for the Peace Process in the Basque Country (date tbc).

Nevertheless, the Friendship wants to urgently highlight the following points:

  • The Conference and subsequent Declaration are, in our opinion, a major milestone for the process. The involvement of such high profile international individuals and their recommendations can’t go unnoticed and should get adequate responses from all parties.
  • All parties from both the Spanish and the French states, with the exception of the PP, have taken part on this conference. The Friendship believes this to be a very positive fact and congratulates all the parties, including the PP as we hope that they will also approach such initiatives in the future.
  • We quote Mr Annan when he said to the participants “making peace ultimately requires the firm commitment and extraordinary courage, on the part of all sides, to ensure a permanent end to violence.”
  • Therefore, we believe that no one can let pass this historical opportunity to solve the conflict and achieve a lasting and just peace.
  • This friendship Group fully agrees with the recommendations made on the so called Aiete Declaration and accords a great value to the offer of setting up a follow up committee, understanding that such a committee may be very helpful for the resolution process.
  • As a consequence, the Friendship group is commits itself to spreading this declaration in the European Parliament and will inform about its initiatives to do so at the above mentioned press conference.
  • Finally, we quote the foreword of the Declaration and call the European Union and all its Institutions to support the end of the last armed confrontation in Europe.